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By TPCI | September 5, 2019

The city of Agra is the city of love which has gifted to world Taj Mahal, one of the world’s 7 wonders. Overlooking the placid waters of Yamuna, this ivory-white marble mausoleum is an epitome of the earnest love between Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, and his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. While Agra has drawn visitors and admirers from far and wide, thanks to this stunning spectacle, Taj Mahal is not the only thing that the city is known for. Apart from enchanting visitors with mesmerizing visual experiences, it also has an array of interesting gastronomic delights awaiting travelers. Here, we bring out 5 irresistible street foods that you must try on your next visit:

1. Bhalla
If you are fond of Delhi’s chaats, Agra will not disappoint you! A favorite of the locals and a popular street food in Agra, bhalla is known by the sobriquet aloo ki tikki in other parts of the country. Fried and flattened balls of potato mash that are seasoned with delectable spices, and chickpea curry with chopped onion sprinkled on top make the dish an ideal one on a chilly winter night. Bhalla is a fulfilling evening meal that is perfect to satiate your cravings for a spicy snack.

2. Dalmoth
If you want to munch on something crispy and crunchy with a piping hot cup of tea in Agra, this is your go to snack. Alternatively, can also be the perfect company to your chilled glass of beer. A flavourful dish that tantalizes your taste buds, dalmoth is a dry snack made up of nuts and spices and full of fried lentils. 

3. Paratha
An amalgamation of the words parat and atta, paratha implies layers of cooked dough. The comfort food of every household in the region, paratha owes its origins to Mughlai cuisine. Stuffed with cheese, or grated carrot, or grated cauliflower, paratha is a pan-fried flat wheat bread, which is usually served with spicy mint chutney or pickles – packed with a punch of flavor such as chilly, mango or the sweet & sour ones like lemon. A refreshing cup of yoghurt also balances the heat of the parathas and perfectly goes well with them.

4. Bedai
A mouth-watering option for those who do not have a sweet tooth, Bedai is also called Kachori at other places in the country. This fried snack is a ball of wheat dough filled with spices/ lentils and then deep fried in clarified butter. It is served with a tangy gravy made with potatoes and tomatoes and flavoured with a bunch of spices. This fulfilling dish is served with curd, mint sauce, pickles and freshly chopped onions in various parts of Agra.

End your trip to Agra on a sweet note by trying Agra’s Petha, a delicacy which originated in the royal Mughlai kitchens of Agra. It is said that one day Emperor Shah Jahan ordered his royal chefs to prepare a dessert that would be as pure and white as the marble-clad Taj Mahal. Thus, this popular translucent, soft, chewy and candy-like dessert was born. Made from white pumpkin or ash gourd and flavored with nuts glazed with sugar syrup, this dish has made its way into the hearts of tourists. Today it is served in several varieties like cherry, orange, pineapple, almond, grape, coconut, paan, khus, saffron and even chocolate.