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By TPCI | October 25, 2019

The season of Diwali is a time not just for social networking (online and offline), but also a time of gastronomic indulgence. As a result, a lot of times, most of us tend to over-eat food or binge on dishes that are high on calories. Not only does this create problems in the short-run like nausea and acidity, it also leaves indelible marks on our health like the accumulation of cholesterol in our arteries and obesity. So, this festive season, bid adieu to traditional calorie loaded delicacies and switch to healthier ones:

If you’re looking for healthier alternatives to your traditional party starters like samosas, pakodas or kachoris that are saturated with carbohydrates & fats, then there are a couple of things that you could try out. An excellent example of this is fruit chaat – freshly cut fruits seasoned with salt, pepper and chaat masala. You can also add a generous helping of diced cottage cheese (paneer), tomatoes and cucumbers to give this snack/salad a refreshing touch. Another great idea is to opt for jhal muri (rice puffs) as a snack. This tangy recipe is pretty low on calories and rich in fiber, making it a favourite of those trying to shed weight. If you’re looking for a no-fuss readymade appetizer, then dhokla and soya chaap can also be considered as good options.

Packed juices tend to have a lot of preservatives and added sugars. These can be easily avoided by processing juices at home. You could also have a swig of water infused with fruits/spices like apple & cinnamon; orange, pomegranate & cinnamon; and blueberries, lemon & cucumber. Not only are these good to taste, they’re also good for your immune system and metabolism. In terms of alcoholic drinks, wine is a healthier choice than other drinks.  

Main course
You could ditch your rice idlis for those made with oats. A ragi dosa stuffed with paneer bhurji is also healthier than a typical dosa made with fermented rice batter and mashed potatoes. Fish curries, lentils and grilled chicken are also protein-rich sources to avoid belly fat. But what needs to be carefully planned is the size of portion that you take. You can also substitute white rice with brown rice and wheat chapattis with those made with multigrain flour made up of soya, jowar, ragi and black chickpeas. Rich in fiber, these will speed up the digestion process and help you stay in shape. Low calorie salads such as the Garlicky cabbage & spinach salad or the Bean sprouts & capsicum salad as well as raitas like carrot & beetroot raita and Greek yoghurt can also complement the dish

If you’re thinking that healthy diet and relishing desserts are poles apart, then let us debunk your myth with these interesting ideas. Thus, you could swap ice-creams with popsicles or sugar-free yoghurt. You can also avoid a cake iced with cream and so for a simple slice of plain cake. Sweetmeats like Makhana Kheer,  Rasgulla & Sandesh also have lesser calories than say deep fried Gulab Jamuns. If you like to experiment, then you could also try making saccharine delicacies like Elaichi Granola Bars, Ragi Malpua, Oats Apple Crumble, and Oats & Dates Kheer.