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By TPCI | April 18, 2020

Where a large number of world’s population is falling under the grips of Covid19, many of us are self-aware and would want to take preventive measures against the deadly virus before it could actually knock the doors. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

When it comes to prevention from any disease, augmenting ones immunity would always earn you some added points! Building immunity is synonymous to adding to the innate fighter cells in your body. What’s the most obvious way to do so? Feed yourself with foods which can be a powerful immune system boosters for your body.

Consumers are readily stocking healthy foods in their refrigerators and Manufacturers and producers seem to have pull-up their socks for an uninterrupted production of these essentials. Retailers and Distributors obviously have come up as a front line warriors. In fact, the Ministry of Ayush has also released a set of advice and measures to follow so as to keep your immune system strong. However, if you stuck up with a question, “Which food”, here we compile the best immunity boosters to “go-with” to fight Covid:

The golden spice: “Turmeric” is a spice which is a kitchen essential for us today. However, owing to its antiseptic properties, raw turmeric was widely used for fighting and combating any disease, germs or infection in the early times. Take a pinch of this golden magic by Januz Universal or Organic Mantra in a glass of milk, or even sauté the spice by Everest or MDH with your daily vegies and help your body build a strong immune system.

Create a Kadha! A certain type of tea where ingredients like turmeric, ginger, clove, cardamom, basil leaves, cinnamon, black pepper, and raisins are all boiled and at the end Jaggery is added as per taste! This decoction drink, as suggested by Ministry of Ayush, shall be taken at least once a day to fight against Covid.

Got lemons? Make some lemonades! Out of the entire vitamin family, Vitamin C is believed to be the biggest immunity booster of all. When it comes to Vitamic C, Lemons can never be missed out! Besides increasing your immunity, these citrus fruits can be of great help in problems like sore throat as well.

Take a “Ginger” Run: Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger is an effective immune booster. Its immune-boosting properties come from a bio-active compound in it called Gingerol.

Turn to veggies: Most of us confuse vitamin C with citrus items, very often. Did you know, veggies like Red Bell Pepper, Broccoli and Spinach have antioxidants and Vitamin C as high as twice as in lemons? One can switch to assorted vegetables by players like Jubilant Consumers and make lives amidst lockdown even easier and healthier.

Yogurt: The elements that make Yogurts important are the cultures. The live and active cultures may stimulate your immune system and keep you prepared in the Pandemic. Brands, now-a-days, are also making yogurts fortified with Vitamin D. Whether it is Amul, Mother Dairy or Param, sellers have seen huge demand of this product throughout the year.

Green tea: Flavonoids are that certain type of antioxidants which Green tea is a rich-source of. The fact that it has a good amount of amino acids makes it aid your T-cells. You can easily find a one from sellers like Girnar, Wagh Bakri and Tea Valley.

And above all take a sun bath; for natural sunshine supplements your body with Vitamin D which is essential for healthy functioning of the immune system. Be Home, Be Sun-Kissed!