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By TPCI | August 8, 2019

If you thought that all the action in business in India was concentrated around the e-commerce sector, you could be wrong! The unlikely category of milk and dairy products has been seeing some of the most frenetic activity over the past couple of years. The Indian corporate giants have plunged into the market in a more organized manner.

After four years of slowing down, India’s diary exports have revived to achieve the second best show ever in financial year 2018-19.Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) data showed India\'s exports of dairy products were up 56% YoY to $404 million between Apr 2018 and February 2019.Exported to countries like Germany, China, France, Italy, Belgium, UK, Russia, USA, & Spain, the Indian dairy products, are taking the world market on storms.

Start-ups have cropped up. Fund raising is taking place at a frenzied pace, both from the equity markets and via private equity funding. And new products and innovations are being launched fast and furious. But there still are a plethora of products that the Indian market carries in its womb which needs to be branded, marketed, promoted strategically.

One such product that moreover remains as a treasure for us tops the list. A winter sweet sold in Lucknow that is conceptually similar to DaulatkiChaat of Delhi,tastes flavorful and has been fulfilling the hunger of sweet delights of the masses since eras.

Almost as light as air, fluffy but creamy and intense & here is where it beats the Dilli Daulat ki chaat. The latter is a paler version of the Lucknow one.

A sprinkling of khoya adds to the texture & gives a different dimension to the dish. Intense, palatable, thick, & very toothsome, this sweet delicacy melts in heat. So it is placed atop a bucket full of huge chunks of ice. However, whenever melt, this food item is served as a shahi drink or beverage; they call it as “dudh”!