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By TPCI | August 19, 2019

The ‘non-veg’ in veg variations of mock meat are flying off the shelves at gourmet stores. With India being the second largest producer of Soybean in Asia, the trend of soy mock meats or soy meat alternatives provides exciting new vistas in overseas markets. 

A number of leading producers of mock meats in India have made their entry into the domestic market by adding wholesome variations in the ongoing \"meatless\" trend. They are also taking a plunge into the export market, which is still very nascent, and are earning positive response across the globe.

The primary ingredient in most plant-based mock meats is either wheat protein or soy. Soy meat alternatives, also called “meat analogs,” are made primarily from soy proteins & wheat gluten and may contain carbohydrates. A few meat alternatives are derived from tofu. Flavors and spices are typically added to enhance sensory qualities.

Evolution of Soy Meat Alternatives
The development of soy meat alternatives and analogs came about to make soy proteins more universally acceptable. The original soy meat alternatives were made primarily from soy flour and later textured soy flour. Today, soyfoods manufacturers may use textured soy flour, soy concentrates, soy protein isolates or a combination of all, and combine them with other vegetable proteins and ingredients. New technology has now allowed the production and introduction of soy meat alternatives more closely resembling the taste and texture of popular non-vegetarian food items.

An upsurge in India
Soy meat alternatives are made specifically to resemble meats, poultry or fish products in taste, texture, color and form. New and improved products continue to make their way into the retail food market.

Home-grown mock meat brands are also slowly gaining a foothold. Udapiur-based Good Dot, a clean meat startup, is one of the leading producers of plant-based meat alternatives in India. Today, it sells more than 12,000 mock meat packets a day. Another mock meat export market player in India, Veggie Champ is a mock meat brand owned by Delhi-based Ahimsa Foods. It has a wide range of mock meats like duck, salami, fish fillets, hotdogs, etc, on offer.