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By TPCI | May 6, 2020

After the “Covid wave” has rippled through the entire globe, retail stores worldwide are looking for tech-driven retail solutions, which can actually enhance the customer’s experience while improving operational efficiency. Many such technologies applicable in retail have already existed for years, but it could not gain traction and demand of a larger mass, yet. However, in the times of the ‘shut-you-down’ pandemic, retail players are expected to be more have become more adaptive to such innovations!

Technocrats at Fujitsu, a Japanese leading tech-giant, have put their brains together to come up with an absolutely apt and befitting shopping solution amidst the pandemic. It is a contactless biometric recognition system and a no-touch payment module! This model designed by the conglomerate would abolish the very idea of physical checkout counters at any small or big grocery store.

Such technological interventions were available even before Covid-19 had hit us; Amazon Go Grocery and even its updated version with the usage of tracking technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Bluetooth are true signs that a revolution in touch-free shopping was brewing even prior to the outbreak! From transferring all information of the product directly to the shopper’s cell-phone to scanning QR codes and Bar codes for the same, these technologies have been eliminating physical interaction with any on-shelf product and enabling customers to make contactless transactions and collect their deliverables shipped directly at their homes.

However, as the demand of such tech-products has suddenly accentuated in the market, it is interesting to note how Fujitsu is enhancing the shopping experience of the consumers! The technology works on a pre-registered customer data base, palm-vein authentication and facial recognition. The registered customer is identified through the authentication and recognition system and then a camera hovers over the customer to track his/her movement in the store. Now how are the products checked for payments? Weight sensors examine the products purchased and finally the payment is made automatically, significantly reducing the need for physical interaction in-store!