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By TPCI | November 1, 2019

It was in the late 1980s when the edible oil sector in India began to witness a huge and incessant demand for process equipment. Jyoti Process Equipments saw and capitalized on this demand early, soon becoming a leading manufacturer of various kinds of equipment in the Indian edible oil and chemical industry.

Over two decades, Jyoti Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as one among the principal manufacturers & suppliers of optimum quality filtration, solidification and drying equipment; and has been offering excellent services to the industry for installation & operational training.

Starting the company in the year 1986, MD Sabesan Nadar had a firm vision of exploring something new and making a mark for himself. Today, he leads the company, which employs over 50 people and has been recording a turnover of around Rs 8.5 crore for the last 4 years. Conversing with IndusFood, Nadar shares his journey as to how he has been instrumental in making Jyoti Process Equipments as a trusted name across the world.

Indusfood-Tech: Tell us about the company’s formation and growth story? How have you evolved as a business in India and abroad?
Sabesan Nadar: The company was established in the year 1986 as a machining workshop in MIDC Rabale, Navi Mumbai. The biggest breakthrough came in the year 1988, when we successfully manufactured & installed Precast moulds for the “Konkan Railway Project”. The success of this project boosted our confidence and encouraged us to venture into various domains. In the year 1989, there was a huge demand for process equipment in the edible oil sector but suppliers were very less. We made good use of this opportunity and started supplying customized process equipment to the edible oil sector as well as other chemical industries. From early 1990’s, we started manufacturing various import substitute equipment. Then, by 2008, we started exporting and today we directly export to more than 15 countries and many more through PMC.

We design, manufacture, supply & undertake erection of various process equipment like Drum Flaker, Drum Drier, Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter, Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (Auto Wedge Locking, Hydraulic), etc. We have full-fledged set up like designing, fabrication, machine shop with qualified work force, and Q.C Engineers.

Indusfood-Tech: What are the key product categories you cater to? And what are the major end use sectors where you are witnessing good demand for your equipment?
SN: We are currently catering to the food, chemicals & pharmaceutical industries by supplying high quality filtration, solidification and drying equipment. The major end use sectors where we are witnessing growth for our equipment include, but are not limited to, edible oil, molten sulphur, API, ready-to-eat food segment, animal feed, starch, sweetener & copper purification.

Indusfood-Tech: What are the latest trends in evolution of packaging materials and technology? How are you adapting to them as a company?
SN: The advancement in technology has significantly helped every part of the industry. Packaging material can be used beyond just safeguarding the product. It can also help the company to use it as a marketing and brand promotion medium. Change in technology has also resulted in the use of more eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. We as a company have adapted to use more lightweight yet durable material for packing our equipment.

Indusfood-Tech: How strong has been the role of the R&D for your business to be a success? Any major R&D/innovations that you might wish to share with us?
SN: Before commencing full-scale manufacturing of any new projects, we do extensive research to study the critical parameters affecting the production & quality of end product (food/chemical) through various prototypes and pilot project study. Then, based on the results, we design the actual process equipment. We adapt ourselves with the changing needs of the industry as well as the customer from time to time.

Indusfood-Tech: How do you plan to expand your business in the next five years?
SN: As the cost of production is considerably less in India, as compared to many countries, we are actively looking for trustworthy industrial partners across the world who can support and promote us through Joint Ventures, technological collaboration etc. We have a strong set up and market reach in India and we are aiming to create the same in other countries. 

Indusfood-Tech: How is the food processing equipment industry expected to grow in the future? What will be the drivers of the growth?
SN: We expect significant growth in the food processing industry. We see a significant increase in demand for “Drum Dryer” and “Pressure Leaf Filters” in the food processing industries. Customers will be the key drivers of growth; their increased reliance on convenience (processed) foods due to their busy lifestyle will propel the growth of food industry & related sectors. Other factors supporting the growth of food processing equipment include simplification of tax structure, improvement of technology for communication, etc.

Indusfood-Tech: What has been the progress of your business on the export front and which are the main markets you have successfully penetrated? What are your future strategies to tap your potential target markets?
SN: In the last 4 years, close to 60% of our turnover accounts for export. Southeast Asia and South Africa are the markets that we have penetrated successfully. Europe and North America are the regions we haven’t explored largely and we are making few marketing strategies to penetrate the same. We have partnered with few associates from different countries to promote our range of equipment.

Indusfood-Tech: How do you see the investment opportunities and the business environment for the food processing industry in India?
SN: India has a huge scope for food processing industry due to its large population and the desire to consume varied food items has increased considerably amongst the people in recent years, especially youths. Since, India’s population has many youngsters, coupled with increasing women joining the workforce, the reliance on convenience/ready-to-eat food products will grow manifold. So, the food industry will witness growth based on this new demand.

Indusfood-Tech: How do you see Indus Food-Tech as a platform for the growth of the industry?
SN: The main objective of the event is quite interesting which is to provide the platform for buyers and sellers. That sets them apart from what other events do. Here, we can have a good business and networking sessions with various food processing companies, equipment suppliers, service providers etc. under one roof. It will greatly benefit the equipment suppliers like us who can exhibit & demonstrate their technology to the decision makers of the food processing companies. We are eagerly looking forward to the event and make excellent use of the opportunity.