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By TPCI | September 18, 2019

Senso Foods is India's leading manufacturer of Instant Tea Latte & Other Instant range of Beverages. In this interaction with Indus Food, Nauman Charaniya, MD, Senso Foods talks about the company’s wide range of products, focus on healthy ingredients and the evolving trends in the global beverages market.

IndusFood: When and how the idea of Senso Foods came into the minds of the founders?
Nauman Charaniya: After closely understanding the patterns of Instant Chai Tea Latte consumption and their uses, I set up Senso Foods Pvt Ltd. (previously known as Apex Industries) in the year2009 and developed a traditional range of Instant Chai Tea Latte to fulfill the demand of instant tea and coffee by using Indian authentic spices. What added to the brand’s success was the fact that it was launched after 2 years of rigorous market study. Therefore, we developed a range of blends and recipes of Instant Chai Tea Latte that are as same “home made tea”. We are committed to Provide Indian Traditional Authenticate Taste with premium standard through our Ready to Mix  Form of Instant range of Instant Chai Tea Latte. In my efforts, I was supported by my elder brother, Mr.Yatin Charaniya, Executive Director, who was associated with the company since inception; though he joined it officially in 2012 and contributed to success of the company with his bold decisions.

IndusFood: What are your major products? Please highlight your USPs (kindly mention the product you export and some details about it).
Nauman Charaniya: Senso Foods Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Instant Chai Tea Latte & refreshment drinks:

Instant Chai Tea Latte:
The Variety of Senso’s  Instant Chai tea Latte’s  are made healthy by mixing certain herbs that are good for health. That makes your immune system strong and healthy. Instant Chai Tea Latte is fit for Health Conscious working Professionals. Enjoy your tea with Indian Authenticate taste. Below are the Electric range of Senso’s Instant Chai Tea Latte’s.

Cardamom Tea Premix, Masala Tea Premix, Ginger Tea Premix, Plain Tea Premix, Cinamon Tea Premix, Turmeric Ginger Tea Premix, Cardamom Unsweetened Tea Premix, Masala Unsweetened Tea Premix.

Instant Chai Karak:
Chai karak blend is made with Premium and high quality India Authenticate spices, which make every Cup of Chai Karak   Supremely Convenient for Every Mood. Below are the Chai Karak Ranges of Senso which has remarkable market in GCC & Midlist Countries.

Chai Karak with Cardamom, Chai Karak with Saffron, Chai Karak with Masala, Chai Karak Original, Chai Karak with Ginger, Chai Karak with Cardamom Unsweetened.

Turmeric Latte:
Turmeric is an Ancient Ayuervedic Medicine from Ayurveda, People are Using Turmeric Milk or “Haldi Doodh” from the past decades as a Traditional Drink. Senso developed the same Blend on Instant Premix Form with addition of Indian Natural Spices, Black Paper, Saffron & Jaggery, Which is too closer as Traditional Home Made Turmeric Milk.

Turmeric Latte (Saffron), Turmeric Latte (Masala), Vegan Turmeric Latte (Saffron), Vegan Turmeric Latte (Masala)

Vegan Chai:
VEGAN- FRIENDLY SENSO CHAI’S are a Perfect Blend of Coconut Milk, Refined Sugar, and Indian Exotic Spices & Assam Tea. These tasty drinks are perfect for a crisp fall evening (or morning) for vegan Product Lovers recent Era. Ranges are below

Cardamom Tea Premix, Masala Tea Premix, Ginger Tea Premix, Cinamon Tea Premix, Turmeric Ginger Tea Premix

Coffee Premix:
The best coffee beans are selected from across innumerable coffee trails and freshly roasted, to serve a great cup of rich, irresistible coffee instantly in your cup. You can Choose Below Coffee premixes from Senso Basket.

Coffee Premix, Cappuccino Coffee Premix, Mocha Coffee Premix, Instant Coffee, Filter Coffee, Madras Coffee, Unsweetened Coffee Premix

Healthy Drinks:
These blends are perfectly developed by considering of health focused Generation. Below are the blends you can choose from Senso’s Menu.

Green Tea Premix, Masala Limbupani Premix, Hot Chocolate Premix and Detox Green Tea.

USPs of our products are as follows:
100% natural ingredients
As Same As Home Made Tea
State-of-the-art manufacturing
No preservatives
No artificial flavors 
Authentic Indian spices selected from special regions 
Gluten free
Use in vending machine as well as for personal use
Available in 1 kg bag & single serve sachets

Tea- Coffee Vending Machine:
Senso’s Range of Tea coffee vending machines are suitable for all Commercial establishments , Small office Environment, Shops, etc.. Its Transforming mechanism , Advanced technology &  other Features Provide as same as Home made Original  tea and coffee with Natural Aroma in just a couple of second by pressing a button.  It’s in Built Grinder & brewing unit instantly processes the freshest tea or coffee you can imagine. Ranges are available as per Below.

Single Lane Tea-Coffee Vending Machine, Two lane Tea-Coffee Vending Machine, Three lane Tea-Coffee Vending Machine, Four Lane Tea-Coffee Vending Machine, Card Operated Tea-Coffee Vending Machine, Coin Operated Tea-Coffee Vending Machine, Recipe Vending Machine.

We are exporting all of the above-mentioned products to more than 16 countries across the globe.

IndusFood: What are the key ingredients that you use to make your products healthy? What health benefits do these ingredients have?
Nauman Charaniya: Our products are made by using ingredients like milk powder, Assam tea & its extracts, cane sugar, natural and authentic Indian spices & their extract, and pure coffee powder. All our products are manufactured with 100% Natural Ingredients which are chosen from Selected Places of India.

Their health benefits range from offering refreshment to enhancing mood, boosting immunity and enhancing the digestive system of the consumer. The strong healing properties of turmeric are also likely to speed up recovery and keep several diseases at bay. We recently developed two new products - Turmeric Latte (Masala) & Turmeric Latte (Saffron).

IndusFood: What role has R&D played in the success of Senso Foods?
Nauman Charaniya: Strengthened by a robust manufacturing facility and sound R&D unit at Rajkot, Senso is successfully meeting the requirements for premium quality beverages.We have our own lab to taste & recheck the parameters as per the standards set by the Government Of Globe. We have a number of products in the pipeline such as vegan-chai premixes, sugar-free chai premixes (stevia replacing sugar), instant soups and herbal & organic teas.

IndusFood: What are your plans of expansion in the next 5 years?
Nauman Charaniya: We plan to establish our presence in as many as 50 other countries over the next 5 years. These include nations like US, UK, Africa, Canada and Australia. At the same time, we also plan to make our presence felt in rural hinterland of India and generate more employment opportunities for the youth. We also plan to launch a few innovative organic, herbal, sugar-free & stevia products.

IndusFood: The herbal & organic tea industry is growing and gaining global momentum. How do you see it as an opportunity?
Nauman Charaniya: We can exploit this opportunity by coping up with the market requirement as well as by sticking to our core values. We believe that continuous up gradation & improvement holds the key to capturing global markets. Our R&D team is working on the same and soon we are also coming up with herbal & organic products. As perfect Example, we recently launched Turmeric Latte and I’m happy to inform you that these products have been nominated in top four in one of the world’s biggest food exhibitions, named Gulf Food-2019 (Dubai).

IndusFood: How do you view the current status and future potential of the Indian tea industry in global markets? What trends do players need to be cognizant of?
Nauman Charaniya:There is a huge demand of India’s tea all over the world.The country is the second largest tea producer in the world. Interestingly, India is also the world's largest consumer of black tea. In all, domestic market consumption stood at 973 million kg of tea during 2016-17. India is ranked fourth in terms of tea exports, which reached 256.57 million kg during 2017-18 and were valued at US$ 785.92 million.

The top export markets in volume terms for 2017-18 were Russian Federation (48.1 million kg), Iran (31.19 million kg) and UAE (21.63 million kg). In terms of value, the top export markets were Iran (US$ 120.82 million), Russian Federation (US$ 120.59 million) and UAE (US$ 66.33 million).

People will ask for traditional tastes in beverages in instant/ready-to-mix form with organic ingredients &hygienic processed products for health benefits. Sugar-free products will grab the market in near future.

IndusFood:How do you see food and agro processing industry growth in the current economic scenario? Will it help boost exports from India?
Nauman Charaniya: TPCI’s Initiatives for conducting trade promotion activities such as Indus Food Exhibition will help to boost export market for India.Supporting government policies for exporters will also play an instrumental role. The government needs to undertake initiatives to develop & promote agriculture sectors in India through positive and supportive policies & guidelines.Training programs arranged by the Government of India to educate farmers with regard to using new technologies in agriculture will be a vital step going forward.

IndusFood:Have you participated in IndusFood earlier? Please share your experience. Is there any product you plan to launch in IndusFood’s upcoming fixture in 2020?
Nauman Charaniya: We are thankful to Team TPCI for conducting such an event, where we got the chance to represent our brand in January -2019. We participated in the 2nd Indus Food 2019 which was held at Delhi (India) duringJanuary 14-15, 2019. Our overall experience of the exhibition was excellent; we got the maximum visitors, & place of stall and exhibition was nice. The administrative & management team was totally supportive. The platform provides an opportunity to make strong business relations with existing clients and gives a chance to grow new business ventures with new clients.