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By TPCI | August 13, 2019

Shri ManoharLal Aggarwal and Shri Naresh Aggarwal started their journey from a small town of Batala in the district of Gurdaspur in Punjab, in 1970. Since then Capital Ventures Pvt. Ltd.(CVPL) showcases hard work, perseverance and with a vision of making a name for their brand delivers high quality agri-based products globally. With this Capital Ventures has been a huge success and enjoys established recognition worldwide.

Taking a step further, Mr. Vivek Aggarwal, Mr. Vaneet Aggarwal and Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal are making their agri-band, “Parliament” a globally recognized brand under CVPL. Today CVPL registers huge exports of agri-produces as Rice under its flagship brand Parliament.

In this interview with Indus Food, TPCI, Vivek Aggarwal, MD, Capital Ventures Pvt. Ltd., talks about his market presence, the new products in the pipeline and his plans to accentuate their position in global export market of organic produces. Below are selected excerpts from that meeting.

1. When and how the idea of Capital Ventures came into the minds of mentors?
Vivek Aggarwal: We have been in business for last 48 years and it was thought by our ancestors that accept new things and change is better, so in 1999 there was a turning point and we made a transition from a trading to export business Capital Ventures Pvt Ltd. was born. Gradually over the time we formed our brand “Parliament”.

2. What are your major products? Please highlight your USPs.
VA: Our core business is Rice, Rusk and looking into the future trends of the healthy & nutritious food, we have got into the organic business as well.

Our USPs are:-

Parliament Basmati Rice: Parliament Basmati Rice is a premium brand that is superior in quality to all other varieties in terms of aroma, elongation, taste and texture with handpicked grains. The brand's surge for global supremacy is backed by modern infrastructure and robust quality control which makes sure there is no compromise in the quality. A fully integrated manufacturing & processing facility is producing distinct variants of Parliament Basmati Rice that are gaining popularity across the world.

Parliament Rusk: Our Parliament Rusk Plant situated in Telangana is fully equipped with the State of art technology and ovens imported from Italy that rivals the most Modern Technology. The entire process of Mixing till the Final Packaging is untouched by the human hand. We produce the entire range of Bakery and our entire plant is BRC Certified, with the entire process of Production being as per the Standards of BRC.

Parliament Sanjeevani Organic: Slowly the trend is changing and we can see that Organic is the way of life now. Organic products have flooded the market and its potential is still growing with passing time. As long as people care about their health, organic will prevail. To cater to the needs of those people who understand the organic way of life we provide Parliament Sanjeevani Organic products that are not only a food for your taste but a food for your mind as well. To achieve such a challenging task we make sure that all our organic products are result of in-house production with the complete backward integration, producing a high quality product in accordance with the guidelines laid down by APEDA.

3What are the key market you are targeting for your product and why?
VA: We are a 100% export company and only deal with international market. We are majorly present in North America, Asia Pacific and Gulf Regions & in the next 2-3 years we are sure to create a lasting impressions on the African and SAARC countries as we spread our presence to those regions. We are sure we will get outstanding response to our products in the African and SAARC market as well.

4. Please mention any your Product innovation / R&D that you might like to share?
VA: We, at Capital Ventures, strongly believe in the R&D and innovation. We have our own state of art lab for all our products.We have recently launched Parliament Gold, which is the most premium rice on the market and is already receiving very good response from North America and Asia-Pacific countries.

5. Is any new product to be launched in the near future?
VA: We are planning to launch our latest range of Biscuits & Cookies that are prepared using special recipes, next month and look forward to a positive response.

6. Please mention national/international awards/accolades that the company has received in the past? Please share the details, if any.
VA: Recently, we have received the “Best Organic Food” Award by the National Award Agricultural Leadership.

7. The world is taking a huge plunge into the Organic food intake. Where did it all start from? How is Capital Ventures contributing?
VA: I firmly believe that “Health is Wealth”. The process starts right from the kitchen, so with the aim of bringing health to all and making good taste great we started our collaboration with Sanjeevani Organic to bring Parliament Sanjeevani Organic, which is USDA certified and good for consumption.

8. How do you see the organic export food market in the near future?
VA: Keeping the current trends in mind, we can observe a slow shift from traditional food to organic food. It definitely has a lot of potential in future. Because it requires a great deal of time and precision to produce organic products, it is costlier than traditional, also a lot of awareness and government support is required to make the organic market bloom.

9. The exports of Indian Basmati Rice is increasing. However, the scenario is not the same for the non-basmati rice. Your opinion…
VA: With increase in the cost of production and a decline in the export of the non-Basmati rice by half between April and May 2019 after Gov. withdrew 5% incentives from April 1, it has become very difficult to match the competitive prices in the international market.

10. How do you access the export market for rice in the next fiscal?
VA: As we observe in the current fiscal, there has been a rough 9% increase in total exports from India. Though due to the 5% incentive being revoked too has put pressure on the export of non-Basmati rice, and we are not at par with the other countries. I still believe we would be able to access African and SAARC countries.

11. How do you see food and agro processing industry growth in the current economic scenario? Will it help boost exports from India?
VA: The Food & Agro Industry will keep growing and we expect to see a boost in Indian exports as long as the industry receives proper government support along with proper warehousing & logistics along with facilities like cold rooms.

12. Any product that you feel needs market’s attention?
VA: The future is “Organic”. So “Organic Products” need the shelf space and proper marketing attention as well as support from every individual and government.

13. Please share your experience of earlier editions of Indus Food.
VA: We have participated in Indus Food 2018 and Indus Food 2019. With each year we can feel a fresher and better clientele visiting the event. It was a memorable experience throughout and we look forward to participating in Indus Food 2020.