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By TPCI | October 9, 2019

Incorporated in 2009, Multivac Laraon India is an important part of Multivac group headquartered at Germany. With manufacturing world-class food packaging machines, Multivac finds 75% of its business from food packaging industry and caters majorly to dairy, meat and sweets industries at large. Other industries they cater to are pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

Multivac finds its global presence in around 40+ countries like UK,  USA, Canada, Europe  UAE etc. and even in some developing nations as Mangolia.

Mr. Ritesh Dhingra, MD, Multivac Laraon India watches out Indusfood-Tech as a platform which would help integrating the Indian manufacturers and producers of food and allied industry with the the global buyers." We see our tie-up with Indusfood-Tech for years to come", continued, Mr. Dhingra.