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By TPCI | August 23, 2019

As the clock ticks away and the sun sets on your day, a mild grumble in your tummy reminds you of the long day you’ve had sitting in that office chair, “Should I run down to the canteen? Ummm, maybe not”. When you slouch into your comfortable couch and turn the TV set on, “Should I grab a bag of chips? Ummm, maybe not”. These “maybe nots” is the little voice in your head preventing you from falling off the health wagon.

Rohit Pugalia, a young entrepreneur, yearned for sudden gallops of some snacky munchees every evening during his office hours. His tummy calls compelled him to have packed and preserved quick bites and everyday left him with a heavy guilt of dumping junks in his belly. Probably, it was then, Rohit, a former manager in a stock broking firm, was triggered with an idea of creating some invigorating healthy snacks for those titbits.

“We understand the struggle of eating healthy and missing the taste of junk food. Thereby, we came up with the brand Munchilicious by SochFoods, an all-time-munch snack that is revolutionizing the world of packaged food” says, Rohit Pugalia, CEO, Muchilicious, Soch Foods LLP, a Mumbai-based Start-up which is proliferating its presence across the globe today.

An authentic Indian meal comprises of all the essential nutrients required to fulfill our body’s requirements. However, the typical Indian stomach is never satisfied with these three meals. “We all crave for our crunchy evening snack or something yummy during the course of the day because our taste buds refuse to compromise for health,” says Mr. Rohit Pugalia.

This set-off an ingenious thought process in Mrs. Purvi Pugalia’s mind. Inspired by her husband’s battle, to constantly maintain a balance between mid-meal cravings and a healthy lifestyle, she realised the need to create a way for flavour to marry health. She decided to attack unhealthy snacks with an array of healthy, crunchy and scrumptious food. Experimenting with a variety of guilt-free options, these homemade mouth-watering recipes lead the husband-wife duo to work together in giving rise to a food brand that is perfectly healthy, tasty and hassle-free.

Muchilicious as a Start-up!

Provoked with just an idea of healthy munching, the Pugalia duo embarked on their journey of creating a healthy brand in Munchilicious and decided to keep the entire process in-house and created a world-class production & packaging facility to maintain quality. Soch Foods LLP, despite being bootstrapped has grown from Mrs. Pugalia’s kitchen to being an ISO 22000:2005 certified facility.

Today, Munchilicious marks its presence in the shelves of various e-commerce platforms as Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, PaytmMall, Godrej Nature’s Basket and Spencers. Besides, the innovative brand is also touting its product-tie ups with various airlines, hotels, and even the mini bars in India, thereby ensuring a wider reach and presence.

Currently confined to Mumbai, physically, Soch Foods plan to launch Munchilicious stores in almost 10 countries along with regions pan-India in the near future.

Know the wholesome munchees

Rich in nutrients like magnesium and iron potassium, fibre and vitamins, the Munchilicious Granolas have no added oil, added sugar, and stand rich in Gluten free nuts and seeds. These invigorating snacks can definitely be a get to go product for foodies on a weight loss mission! With no artificial carbs and oil contents, the product is a complete natural product which acclaims to be heart healthy, as well.

Filled with proteins, a handful of plain cereal munchies will keep your taste buds satisfied and your body fueled with energy for your hectic day and beyond.

“Munchilicious granola is the best granola in India with a range of mouth-watering, power-packed snacks to energize you with a generous mix of protein, fibre, vitamins and a variety of good-for-you ingredients in every bite. They are no fuss edibles that adapt easily to your eating preferences, with milk, smoothies, ice - creams, yoghurt or even directly out of the box”, says Pugalia.

Widening its wings

The finance professional turned food-preneur says “while having sweet Granola with the evening cuppa, an idea of creating savory Granola complimentary to tea gusted into our minds”. The three palatable versions of the product viz., the original granola, dried fruits and dark chocolates, have brought welcoming traction in the homeland.

Taking a plunge in the export market, Soch Foods have now ideated on two new variants to their snacky product; one being the Granola having some desi hews of indigenous spices and nuts thereby aptly named as “Desi Twist” and also a “grain free” version of the same which would be a product comprising 90% of nuts and dried fruits. These two new products are in an array of launch soon and are specifically thought to be placed in the export market first, as conveyed by Pugalia.

“Our products have been appreciated by a mélange of consumers across the globe thereby making it relevant to a wide range of consumers besides the Indian diaspora,” asserts Mr. Pugalia. The brand finds its position accentuated in the export market with leads emerging from Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, and Saudi Arabia along with other European countries as Poland and the Netherlands and also Germany. When asked about the current presence that Munchilicious enjoys in the global market, Pugalia mentions that they are widely present in Sri Lanka and Singapore today and the response they are receiving form these markets is phenomenal.

Hiccups and hardships

“Driven by passion and inspired by excellence, our vision is to tastefully change the perception of healthy eating by making every food lover enjoy nutritious food.”

“With this great vigor we entered in to the market back in 2015 when there were hardly any Indian player in the domain. With a drop of the hat, we managed to be on retail shelves in April 2017 and realized a great number of audience is increasingly smitten to our products”, asserts the innovative entrepreneur.

When asked about the challenges encountered during the journey, Pugalia continued, “our biggest challenge lied in creating a safe and wholesome food that even a connoisseur would go nuts about. But we took it up and today we steer clear of anything artificial, an honest truth you will be able to savour in all its delicious varieties. The handpicked ingredients are infused with great amount of love and care that don’t need any preservatives or other additives to taste amazing”.

Thus, Munchilicious granola ensures that the highest quality control measures are taken to assure that each product is packed with handpicked ingredients and lots of natural flavours; ensuring that your efforts to maintain a healthy diet don’t slyly add inches to your body!

About the makers

Rohit Pugalia – Founder & CEO, Soch Foods LLP

A former manager in a stock broking firm, Rohit had started off his career with an MBA in Finance. Within a few years, Mr. Foodie had second thoughts about this field and risked turning his passion for food into his business. Since then, there was no looking back. Holding multiple degrees in banking, he could have taken his career in any direction, but he decided to make his mark with his Entrepreneurial endeavours in the world of food and nutrition. Thus began the journey of Soch... And ever since, he has been largely instrumental in taking it to newer heights right from its inception.

Rohit is a philanthropist, an ardent photographer, a collector of unique items and an avid traveller. Being a travel lover, whenever Rohit is missing in action, you know he’s somewhere in the world exploring a new land with his better half.

Purvi Rohit Pugalia - Founder-Partner and Head R&D of Soch Foods LLP

Mrs. Purvi Pugalia’s career reflects a rich and diverse experience. Belonging to a literary background (BA & B.Ed), pursuing floral art from Europe, and completing masters in handwriting analysis, her transition was planned with utmost passion and consideration. Being a book lover, she enjoyed reading English Literature and classics and began her career as a teacher at secondary school. While she decided to follow her passion of being a Graphologist, she also satisfies every soul with her healthy and yummy food. Yes, she’s none other than the master chef of Munchilcious and the master mind of Soch. So for all those finger-licking recipes, you know whom to thank!

A spiritual person by heart and a generous one by nature, she does a lot of philanthropy too. In fact, with a great social conscious at such a young age, she has managed to start her very own trust called Vastra, helping and supporting all those in need.