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By TPCI | July 16, 2019

“Dahi” triggers every Indian with a roller coaster of emotions as it is so integral and woven in our cultural ethos. However, piquancy might vary with changing geographical regions. Taking the old legacy forward with a new dimension, Tropolite Foods Pvt. Ltd. has started manufacturing “Dahi Culture” in the homeland.

Interestingly, the commercial preparation of “Dahi” needs a controlled Bacterial Growth for which most of the industrial “Dahi” makers use DVS Culture. However, the irony is, in India, the industrial players import “Dahi Starter Culture” from European countries to make “Dahi” which is a traditional Indian product! As a solution to it, Tropolite, a flagship company of Davars Group, has concocted the indigenous “Dahi Culture” which would also eventually replace the import requirements.  

Available in packaging sizes ranging from 10L to 5000L, the “Indian Dahi Culture” can be availed by small time manufactures as well. Besides, it increases the shelf life to 18 months and also helps in accentuating water retention at a temperature of -20 degree Celsius. IndusFood finds immense pleasure to associate with Tropolite!