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By TPCI | October 7, 2019

With a four-decade long global presence and a reputation for excellence in failsafe technological innovation, Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd. today, is renowned for trust and quality. With four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities today, Mectech is poised to be a giant global player – manufacturing and supplying 360o concept- to- commissioning projects to most players in the national oil and fat industry in India as well as globally.

As a leading edge innovator, Mectech has established a first of its kind refinery for hazelnut oil in the world, besides developing Asia’s biggest continuous hydrogenation plants for fatty acids in India.

Under the exemplary stewardship of Ishwar Sahai, Chairman & MD, and the relentless efforts of its team, Mectech has gained an inimitable reputation for high-operational efficiency while gaining a major share in the domestic and international markets.

A chemical engineer by qualification, Ishwar Sahai has a rich experience as an entrepreneur and has revolutionized the concepts of extraction, refining, hydrogenation and other technologies in India. Mectech has entered the challenging oleo chemical processing equipment industry and is customarily gaining market share for their newly launched Mecklear filter systems. Other innovations employed in the Dewaxing plants and winterization for oil filtration and other processes are fast gaining ascendancy.

Ishwar Sahai, Chairman & MD, Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd.  talks to Indusfood-Tech and shares his journey so far.

Indusfood-Tech: Tell us about the company’s formation and growth story. How have you evolved as a business in India and abroad?
Ishwar Sahai: Established in 1980, Mectech Process Engineers Pvt Ltd has a global presence for almost 40+ years now and is renowned as one of the most trusted manufacturers & suppliers of plant & machineries, not just in India, but globally. Earlier known as Raghunath Equipments Ltd, the company was spearheaded by my father Late Raghunath Sahai. Initially, we used to manufacture small equipment but not the entire plant for the orders that we used to receive.

However, after a long, consistent journey marked by a relentless pursuit of technological innovation and customization, today, we can state that we dominate manufacturing of customized plant & machinery, full-fledged turnkey projects for Oil & Fats Industry nationally and have a major presence globally. We have successfully installed 400+ turn-key plants up till now. The concept to commissioning projects we have successfully completed include, Solvent Extraction Plant, Oil Processing Plant, projects for value addition, Bio Diesel & Filters, and Edible Oil Refinery Plants in India and abroad. In our 40+ years of existence, we have gained renown amongst clients as one of the most trusted manufacturers & suppliers of plant & machineries with an enviable track record-not just in India, but globally.

With four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, supported by a professional team of engineers, skilled & experienced workforce, we manufacture & supply projects as per ASME & CE Standards and also have the capability of manufacturing projects as per any world standard, specific to any country.

Mectech, today, has emerged as a one-stop shop for the Oil & Fats industry at large. We have succeeded in heralding a technological revolution in solvent extraction, chemical and physical refining, Vanaspati interesterification, dry fractionation of palm oil, dewaxing and winterization of rice bran oil, oleo chemicals and allied fields. We continue to emphasize on achieving qualitative and quantitative improvements in production through modernization and renovation. All the turnkey projects undertaken by Mectech today, reflect the latest, most sophisticated and best available in state-of-the-art technology, which under no circumstances face the risk of failing the test of safety and longevity.

Indusfood-Tech: What are the key product categories you cater to? And what are the major end-use sectors where you are witnessing positive demand for your equipment/s?
Ishwar Sahai: Mectech is into manufacturing of customised plants & machinery and turnkey projects for the oil & fats industry. The projects offered by Mectech include solvent extraction plant, edible oil refinery, projects for value addition, bio diesel & filters.

Our projects like oil milling, solvent extraction, vegetable oil refining, dry fractionation of palm oil, continuous dewaxing and winterization of rice bran oil/sunflower oil, semi-continuous hydrogenation of oil & fats, inter-esterification, esterification and transesterification etc. have been a hot seller in the international market and captured a major market share in every global market we have entered.

Indusfood-Tech: How strong has been the role of the R&D for your business to be a success? Any major R&D/innovations that you might wish to share with us?
Ishwar Sahai: At Mectech, we feel & believe, that with the changing market dynamics, the industrial requirements of the customer/s are bound to change and thus, to provide a competitive edge, there is a critical need to introspect, innovate and upgrade the technology on offer on a regular basis.

The focus of innovation in technology at Mectech, is based on the principles of providing our customers & projects with advanced technologies - which ensures low cost of production, higher productivity, value addition, better quality of product output & maximizing customers profitability.

Some of the technical/ project innovations achieved by Mectech are in the fields of Fractionation, Deodorization, Glycerin Distillation, and Winterization.

There is another product called MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which are C8 and C10 carbon chain, found only in coconut oil or in palm kernel oils. These MCT have a great global demand but find zero placement in our domestic market because of the rates at which the coconut oils are available in India. These are considerably higher than the international market. Although, plenty of coconut oil is available in India, the lobbies dealing with the supply and import of coconut oil in the South have somehow managed to restrict any import of coconut oil.

Philippines and Malaysia can process these coconut oils in less than a dollar! They manufacture MCT as the coconut oil is cheaper for them. But, we just cannot think of making MCT as the oil is so expensive here! Interestingly, MCT sell at a price as high as US$ 10/kg in the international market. The demand and potential of these products is huge. Moreover, it is among the best tonics that we as human beings can consume. So, we have the required technologies to make these nutritious MCTs but we cannot sell them in the domestic market as it is not feasible for us. We are setting up one of our MCT projects in Philippines, though.

So, the country needs to understand the underlying issues and problems in developing certain products, which we can develop, and are all export-oriented!

We have the unique capability of developing many products and technologies indigenously that can lead to lesser import bills for the nation but the authorities must support us as facilitators!  

Indusfood-Tech: How do you ensure maintenance of best quality standards in your products and processes?
Ishwar Sahai: Quality is of paramount importance to us. We follow the most stringent quality control policies with respect to manufacturing, which enables us to receive 40% repeat orders. The quality of the project/s that we deliver matches with any world benchmark or standards. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

Moreover, we can also provide projects with CE Mark in case-to-case basis as per the demand of the client.

Furthermore, Mectech fabrication facilities have following certifications:
• ASME “U” Stamping
• National Board “R” stamping
• PED approval
• ISO 9001:2015• Halal Certifications

Also, standards used for manufacturing activities are:
• ASME Sec. I for designing & manufacturing
• ASME Sec. II for material inspection & testing
• ASME Sec. V for NDT
• ASME Sec. IX for welding procedure, qualification and procedure qualification record.

Furthermore, we also have high-precision equipments for raw material testing & inspection. To name a few, we have spectrometer for testing of chemical composition of all types of material/s. All welding joints of shell are 100% inspected and checked with Dye Penetrate Test, Radiography & Magnetic Particle Test. Besides, we use GTAW & SMAW process for welding. It is worth mentioning that for all fabrication activities, we are using standards of ASME.

Indusfood-Tech: How do you plan to expand your business in the next five years?
Ishwar Sahai: Mectech has a 5,000-sq. ft. fully equipped office. With state-of-the-art factories of enormous capacities, the company has a strong infrastructure with a dedicated professional & skilled workforce.

We also possess four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with modern machineries for manufacturing projects, maintaining stringent quality norms & precision, including: Plate Bending Machine, Rolling Machine, Over Head Cranes, Jib Cranes, Plasma Cutting Machine, Argon Welding Machine, Argon with Plate Cutting Machines, ARC Welding Machines, Automatic Job Rotating Machine, Air Compressor, Pipe Cutting Machines, Bench Grinders, and Pillar Drill Machine.

Also, as I mentioned before, we are planning to expand with new projects in MCT and processing of oleo chemicals wherein we look to supply our unique technologies to our buyers from across the world.

Indusfood-Tech: How is the food processing equipment industry expected to grow in the future? What will be the drivers of the growth? And what could be the possible challenges for the growth?
Ishwar Sahai: In the food equipment industry, the growth pattern depends on the demand. India has a huge population, and so the demand is very high. So, the sale of the food processing machineries is picking up very fast. The potential for growth is, I can safely say, exponential. And, let me tell you, it’s poised to grow even more.

Our food processing technologies are par excellence in the world, but the main issue is with the packaging. Because the packaging is not good, manufacturers in India are not able to fetch good prices.

Indusfood-Tech: What has been the progress of your business on the export front and which are the main markets you have successfully penetrated? What are your future strategies to tap your potential target markets?
Ishwar Sahai: With exports to 18+ countries, Mectech’s global reach is expanding every year and is emerging as the most sought after technology provider in the relevant industries. This is largely on account of the regular technological innovations by the company, resulting in decreasing costs of production & increase in productivity & profitability of its customers.

We are present in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina, Syria, Romania, Netherlands, etc. We have also started our project in Uzbekistan, Russia and trying to enter the African territories in a major way.

Earlier, our exports amounted to about say 20% a year. But from last year, we are showing phenomenal growth in exports. With a total of 50% in export in 2018, we are slated to expand this to 70%. Most of the projects we are doing today, are for exports. Our technologies are very well accepted globally. Above all, we are very competitive, so clients are readily buying from us. We are also among the top technocrats and machine-supply players in the edible and non-edible oil (oleo chemicals) and fat equipment industry in the world.

Indusfood-Tech: How do you see Indusfood-Tech as a platform for the growth of the industry?
Ishwar Sahai: We are looking forward to meet real buyers in the Show who may be interested in purchasing our equipment. We are happy to associate with TPCI and are very hopeful that Indusfood-Tech would be a potential platform for us to source buyers and the Show, unlike other many trade shows, would purely be a technical affair.

My heartfelt wishes are with the team of Indusfood-Tech.